Sunday, January 25, 2009

Start Your Business With Low Budget: Right Here... Right Now...

Are you planning to build your on website but your primary concern is you don’t have knowledge in web designing? Your budget is not sufficient? You’re not a computer expert? This is my answer to you my friend… 99% your problem is solved.

Just like you, I have no knowledge in computer, when I open my PC everyday, surfing is what I’ve always done and after that nothing is next. I’m not a web designer in fact I’m a elementary teacher in the government for almost 10 years, I have to leave my job in the Philippines just to be with my family here in Brunei. I convince my wife to give me a little amount of money so I can build my personal website to have an income or sideline while I’m waiting a call to work here. And she didn’t let me down.

How do you earn from a website? If you done building your website all you have to do is submit an application to all leading adsense and Affiliate Program, just like in Google, Bidvertiser, AdBrite etc. Moreover you can invite all the leading company in your country to advertise on your site and construct an agreement on how much the monthly payment is. But I’m earning now in my BLOG. I know! But are you satisfied the amount you receive in your blog? Remember, mostly the leading companies in your country they will not advertise their businesses in your blog because they know that your blog is free. Some leading companies are willing to pay high amount of money to advertise on your website.

If you’re ready to build your own personal or business website let’s begin here. The initial amount only is not more than 100US Dollar; try to compute in right now in your own currency. You see its suit to your funds. Incredibly not expensive but the tools we will use are very powerful and I’m sure of that. You must need your own credit card or try to borrow to some of your relatives and later on just give them the amount they charge. Don’t worry this is not a scam. It’s factual. Last week I ask some web designer in the Philippines on how much the amount they cost if they build a website; 400US Dollar they charge, you see the difference now? But here, the tools we will use are suit to your budget. So what are you waiting for? Start to construct now your own website…

If you have some inquiries that I’m not answer your question please feel free to email me at
By the way this is my own personal website OurTrueColours Connecting OFWs
It’s very simple since I’m not a graphic designer or web designer, but you, I think you are better than me… Wait… Don’t be anxious if you’re a beginner I’m willing to help you with all my heart... Just click this banner and try to study right now. "Bluevoda Website Builder" And if you’re satisfied now and ready to start just give me a beep…


  1. hi francis, thanks for dropping by. this is quite an interesting post. thought of having my own online biz in the future too. Hopefully, i can get it started this year.

    By the way, it's sunny here in the Philippines right now. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

  2. hi jonlyx . I wish to try all those advices from different blog but the problem is how. hehehe

  3. I have new domain already ...what's next?

    hello every body

  4. happy blogging!!visiting you post!!

  5. Good review guys, you really smart making a site.

    lucky to know you :D

  6. i'm not even thinking for building my own website for now, it cost us money to buy domain, server, etc, i'd prefer blogspot for starting, but many people will prefer WP if they're going into some serious stuff. even in blogspot i've read there are peoples that can gain US$3000/month. but it's still so far away for me, my adsense acc just showed a little progress 1 dolar! hehehe

    last but not least, Good Luck for you mate!

    Radith ^_^

  7. informative! nice one.. am thinking of starting a small business then. Keep posting!

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